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Navel Gazing

Posted By on Mar 9, 2010

An interesting fact of writing a Web site for my freelance writing and editing business is that I have to apply the same methodology to myself that I apply to working with any client…I’ve become my own client. All of the questions that I ask a client, I’m asking myself. Who is my audience? How can I best understand their needs and desires? Who is my competition? How can I differentiate my business? One way that I differentiate my business is in the sensibility I bring to the discovery process. I’m genuinely interested in how businesses and non-profits reach their audiences through the Web and print and how I can best help them discover and communicate their core message. It’s a fascinating process, despite being quite challenging. But I can bring to bear my experience in project management at Microsoft, my degree in psychology, my years of writing, and my insatiable curiosity. Plus I really want my clients to feel that working with me made their lives easier. If you can’t bring a real desire to provide benefits to clients by your work, why bother doing...

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