Frequently Answered Questions

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Freelance Copywriter FAQs

Of course they’re frequently asked, but I go the extra mile and frequently answer them, before you ask them.

If you have questions other than those below, feel free to e-mail me or call me at (425) 562-0438. I’ll happily answer your questions and try to make you laugh with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

“How can you write about my business if you’re not in my business?”

The crucial thing I want to know is WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Learning the technical side of your business, whatever it is, pales in comparison to my understanding what makes your customers tick. I write to engage their needs and desires, and to get them to contact you or buy from you.

You may sell the most feature-rich widget in the world, but if what’s most important to your customers is just-in-time delivery, that’s the benefit I’m going to feature on your Web site or in marketing materials.

Part of the value you get with an experienced, professional copywriter is the ability to distill all kinds of topics that I knew little about before a client asked me to write about them. Nearly fifteen years at Microsoft (ten+ years as a writer and lead writer) made me an expert at understanding and distilling complicated concepts.

There are examples in my portfolio of successful writing about complicated topics in industries I don’t work in.

“What makes you such a hot copywriter?

All my friends think so. More importantly, my clients love what I’m able to do for them. That’s why many of them keep hiring me. (By the way, some of my best friends are professional editors and are quite willing to admit they’ve worked with me repeatedly.)

More than a decade of writing for the high-tech industry, winning Excellence and Distinguished awards from the Society of Technical Communications, makes me pretty hot but it doesn’t seem to get me good seats in restaurants.

“What kind of assignments do you take on?”

In my portfolio, you’ll find a representative sample of projects for which I’ve acted as writer, editor, project manager, print writer, technical writer, and WordPress developer.

I’ve written on topics as diverse as:

“How do I know you’re reliable and deliver on time?”

Ask the lovely people who have hired me before. They’ll tell you I’m the most Abnormally Reliable™ copywriter they know. And again, ask my friends. Go ahead—I’ll be here when you get back.

“How do you quote projects?”

With relish. It’s actually a fun part of my job that is like playing with an erector set.

After a preliminary look at your project and scope, I offer a flat-fee quote. I use time as part of the calculation but it’s only one factor. The biggest factor is the value I believe I can bring to your project based on my experience and skills.

If you’re looking for the cheapest copywriter, I’m not it. I’m on the high side of the middle range, which may put me out of the running for your project.

Superior SEO copywriting increases search engine traffic and converts traffic into customers. Be willing to see this as a worthwhile investment.

I don’t like quoting by the hour because once you and I agree on a flat fee and schedule, I can take the time to do the job right. I do more research and interviewing than some writers because that helps me find the right keywords and write about the things that are most important to your customers.

“What about copy revisions?”

The essence of writing is rewriting. In that spirit, the first draft you see will not be the first draft I write.

I include two sets of revisions once I hand off your first draft. Those revisions are part of the flat fee. Revisions must be requested within 30 days of your receipt of a draft of the copy, and they must not involve a change in direction, scope, or format.

If you’re still not happy with the content, I want to make it right. Work with me to help me understand where the copy is not working for you and how you think it needs to be improved.

“We’re in a jam! We need a freelance copywriter yesterday.”

Give me a call right now at (425) 224-6370 or e-mail me. If you don’t reach me, please know that I check my messages all day long. There is no obligation to hire me once we discuss your project.

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