It’s the Little Things

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Solar flares are big things. Studying them depends on a great many little things, like microelectronic components. Sometimes those little things are subject to a lot of abuse. That’s where Parylene Engineering comes in.

Once in a while I get a project that makes SEO seem easy. The reason this one is fun and easy is that it’s in a niche market. The company applies parylene conformal coatings to components for the semiconductor, medical, aerospace, automotive, and defense fields.

Parylene, the product, is a very interesting process that has some unique properties. It’s applied at room temperature in a vacuum and will conform to any shaped surface on almost any material. The coating is chemically and biologically inert and stable, so it creates an extremely strong barrier to chemical solvents, water, and thermal damage.

It easily passes a 100-hour salt-spray test. The thickness of the coating can be controlled to the micron and when finished is pin hole free.

Fancy stuff.

Since I started the optimization, we’ve gotten his page up to the first search engine results page (SERP) for some of the important keyword phrases, including “parylene.” We’ve got a number of things left to do but here’s what I’ve done so far.

I did all the keyword research in the Google tool. I used terms on his existing pages and searched for two things:

  • Number of monthly global searches
  • How much competition for the keyword phrase

Most of the terms that I used are long tail keyword phrases; they don’t have huge monthly search terms but there’s also little competition for those keywords. This doesn’t matter for this industry because the total monthly searches for the product only run around 22,000. There are only 13,000 web pages with that term in the title.

So my client can compete quite well, even on the main terms. The long tail keywords should give him a leg up for getting the smaller number of customers searching on very specific terms. They’re the ones who know what they’re looking for and are more likely to contact the business.

So this one makes me look like a hero but it wasn’t rocket surgery. It was just choosing the right keywords.

I still have to help him get backlinks and I need to rewrite some of his copy. He’s not redesigning the site right now but for his industry, I’m not sure that’s crucial to bringing him more web business.

We’ll work on the landing pages and make the copy speak to his customers. Then we’ll sit back and watch the analytics.

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