Guest Post: My Rearview Mirror

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I’ve been asked to write about my perspective; a woman’s personal perspective about riding a motorcycle. Hmmmm… there are so many avenues this could take, so many things about riding that I love, that it leaves the door wide open as to what I should put down on paper. But today I’m going to write about what’s in my rearview mirror, or my side mirrors as they are technically called, when I’m riding my motorcycle down the road and the feelings that view evokes in me.

I love going on rides with all my girlfriends, whether it’s a short ride to dinner, a day long 300 mile ride or a 10 day bike trip.  They are all fun and I’m usually Road Capt., hence the fantastic view of friendship in my mirrors. To my hubby and all my biker buddy boys, I love riding with you too, but there’s a different camaraderie I have with my gal pals, that makes our adventures special.

Women who lead

Riding is pure bliss, but for me to ride and see a line of women behind me, all on their motorcycles, enjoying the freedom riding provides, brings joy to my soul. There’s no feeling like it as we soar along on the wings of our private chariots, quietly listening to the thoughts in our own heads, yet somehow sharing them amongst ourselves as we all glide thru the breeze. Occasionally I will point something out and in my mirrors I will see all heads turning to look at a fantastic view. It may be a beautiful sky, an old barn, or a flock of ostrich’s. There are so many interesting things you’ll see when riding along the back roads, through the countryside and sometimes even when in cities, although I prefer those days of quiet serenity, lost in the wonder & beauty of nature.

On the days when we are in congested traffic or have to travel through a town to get to those scenic roads we so crave, I’m on high alert, watching for all obstacles, so I can warn all those that are in my rear view, trusting me to guide them. Alerting them of danger, a pothole, road debris or a cager who’s not as attentive as I am. Feeling rather like a mother hen, I’m constantly checking my mirrors to make sure I haven’t lost any of my “chicks.”  Biker chicks that is. It’s then that the rear view becomes increasingly important, as I lead them to more peaceful pastures, where that relaxed state can once again take over.

That proud sense of empowerment that lies in a group of ladies, conquering curvy roads, perched upon massive roaring beasts, is among no other. Seeing a string of brightly colored, multi-faceted bikes, with  gorgeous, powerful women silently dominating them, is a powerful statement that everyone should witness. And I’m very blessed to see that in my rear view mirrors.

Author: Kari Blass

Rides: 2002 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider Custom

Works: Competition Accessories, a leading web provider of women’s motorcycle gear.

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