Stimulate. Seduce. Satisfy.

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But remember … it’s a dance, not a deception.


First rule of marketing: grab their attention. This is harder than ever, whether in print, on the Web, or in video. The currency of attraction is content: words and images. Not the annoying flashing kind but words and images that appeal to the desires and needs of a specific audience.


Even when buying floor wax (does anyone do that anymore?), we want to be seduced by the promise of a better life. When someone convinces us that their promise is real, we can’t spend our money fast enough.

One of the definitions of seduction is “to win over; attract.” The more powerfully you seduce, the faster you get a new customer.

There are ways to seduce and there are ways. The image above is seductive in more than one way (now I’m giving away my secrets).

It has deep reds, a color associated with passion, sexuality, and boldness. The center of the photo is bright and fades to shadows at the edges, suggesting mystery.

The man’s posture is one of confident command and the woman, although in a stylized stance, evokes supine satisfaction or even submission. (Don’t hate me, I’m only the messenger.) Dance — certainly the Tango — is all about sexuality.

But there’s something humorous about the image as well. To most of us, it seems to take itself a little too seriously. That is a device used often in advertising to make us laugh. We know that we’re in on the joke.

Humor is one of the essential tools of seduction. We like people who make us laugh; at life, at them, and at ourselves. It relaxes us and makes us open and approachable. In advertising, that makes us want to whip out our VISA.

Part of the intoxication of seduction is that we believe it really will bring with it a better life. There’s nothing more disheartening than a seduction that makes us feel a fool for love. The dot-com bubble for instance.


So when that floor wax really turns out to perform, we’re thrilled at the promise fulfilled. We become loyal to the brand and we gush to our friends. We feel justified in having placed our trust in the initial appeal of the product. This only happens when the product or service performs as promised.

That is why it’s important to remember that when you invite your customers to Tango, it’s a dance, not a deception.

Can you think of an ad or Web page that seduced you? Tell me.

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